Sunday, February 27, 2011

Extract images from Word files

A few days back I was in need to copy an image from a MS-Word document so that I can add it somewhere else. I thought that I would be able to copy/paste the image in ctrl+c/ctrl+v way, but it didn't worked. So I tried a rather unorthodox way. Steps I took are as below:
  • Saved my .doc file as .docx file
  • Changed the extension to .rar
  • Extract this .rar file
  • I got folder hierarchy as below

This folder hierarchy was made by extracting the rar file. Here you could see the media folder selected. Here you can find all the images in the word document. Thats it.

This trick also works for open office files.


  1. Thanks for this valuable post. It really helpful for many computer people.
    Nice post dude.

  2. Great!! Unconventional approaches lead to new learnings.

  3. I didn't know that...really helpful. Thanks Ravi :)

  4. great mind..... but y didnt u usd snipping tool.....

  5. hmm good question dear, actually you can use that as well but this method will be helpful if you multiple files(you will get all of them in a go) :)


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