Sunday, February 20, 2011

DotNetNuke Error Domain Name Windows XP Does Not Exist In The Database

A few days back while installing DNN 5.5.1 I got following error message "DotNetNuke Error  Domain Name Windows XP Does Not Exist In The Database" repeatedly. 

I tried everything from tweaking web.config to reinstalling ASP.NET but error kept on occurring. After this I was convinced that this is a database permission error. So I reinstalled database as below and there it goes, my problem got resolved.

Steps I followed are as below:

  • Create a DotNetNuke database in SQL Server.

  • Under the main Security node (not the one under the database you just created), right-click on Logins and select New Login

  •  Create an account that uses SQL Server authentication and provide a password.

  • In the database you created, select Security then right-click on Users and select New User.

  • Enter the account you created and select db_owner for both "Schemas owner by this user" and "Database role membership".  Click OK.

I used below reference link for this:

Hope this helps you guys also.

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